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Under Caesar's Sword

Oasis co-sponsors the International Conference on Christian Response to Persecution

Rome, Decembre 10-12 2015


at the Pontifical Urbaniana University



The main objective of the conference is to introduce the results of the world’s first systematic global investigation into the responses of Christian communities to the violation of their religious freedom. The scope of Under Caesar’s Sword extends to some 100 beleaguered Christian communities in around 30 countries.



In addition, the International Conference on Christian Response to Persecution aims to:



- Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dignitatis Humanae, The Second Vatican Council’s declaration on religious freedom, and to inquire into the threats to religious freedom at the time of the declaration and those that Christians face today;



- Elicit a lively discussion of the global persecution of Christians among journalists, government officials, human rights activists, church leaders, representatives of world religions, scholars, students, and the interested public; and



- Draw public attention to the plight of persecuted Christian communities, promote cooperation among Christian churches in assisting these communities, and encourage global solidarity with them.



You may find more information here.


Read here the agenda of the conference.