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Faiths Tested by Modernity

The current dynamics of the Christian and Muslim traditions or, in other words, the trials that each of them find that they are facing so as to be still perceivable as living bodies and not only treasures, or even relicts, of the past

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Faith and Culture: the Insuperable Circularity, Angelo Scola




This Strange Alliance of Opposites, Stratford Caldecott

Culture Between the Indefinable and Certainty, Nikolaus Lobkowicz

Looking for God, Looking for the Truth, Gabriel Richi Alberti

The Incoherence of Liberal Pluralism, John Milbank

Thoughts for a West at War, Henri Hude

When the Ulema Closed the Doors, Abderrazak Sayadi

Acting in the Public Space, Malika Zeghal

Face to Face with the Secular State, Azzedine Gaci

The Narrow Road of Mothers and Daughters, Giovanna Rossi




Love for a Man is the Substance of the Message of Christ, John Paul II

The Necessary Decision and its Consequences, Joseph Ratzinger

The Universal Ambition of Islam Tested by India, Abû Rahyân Bîrûnî




Devouring Eritrea. The Exodus Towards Europe, Gian Micalessin




The Order of the Guardians Reigns in Teheran (for now), Yann Richard

Democracy is Confirmed in Jakarta (for now), Franz Magnis Suseno

That Gesture Understood by Everyone, Pierbattista Pizzaballa

Translating, Interpreting: from Words to Actions, Pierre Larcher

Misticism and Reason in the Religion of the Infallibles, Amir Moezzi

The Rule of the Koran? Semitic Rethoric, Michel Cuypers

Looking Until the End for the Path to Islam, Jean-Jacques Pérennès




Connecting Athens to Jerusalem, Andrea Pin

Dealing with the God of the Moderns Hand to Hand, Paolo Terenzi

Culture Lacks Judgement, Roberto Fontolan

When Jesus Comes Back as Mahdi, Paolo Branca

Islam Purified by the Lumi, Martino Diez

Bioethics: Science or Apologia?, Andrea Da Ponte

Hamas, Too Much Sword and Little Power, Michele Brignone

Without a Memory to Hand Down the Past Produces Claustrophobia, Emma Neri




Eritrea, Traces of Italy in the Former Colony Without Peace




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