The relationship with tradition is for each man a decisive factor of his identity, his nature and of his development. It is the same for Christians and Muslims

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Where Fundamentalism Does not Tolerate Tradition, Joseph Powathil




For Good or Evil, the ‘Old Mole’ is at Work, Paolo Gomarasca

Reason Employed against Every Form of Prejudice, Pierangelo Sequeri

The Eternally New Grammar of the Incarnation, Jean-Georges Boeglin

Saint Paul and the Method of Witness, Paolo Martinelli

The Mark of the Human on Divine Communication, Giovanni Trabucco

Eastern Churches, the Sacrament of Good Neighbourliness, Paolo Dall'Oglio

In his Sunna the Prophet Sets a Good Example, Diégo Sarrió

The Original against the Popular: the Case of Algeria, Henri Teissier

An Inventory of Rights between East and West, Andrea Pin




Faith and Renewal, so Lives the Church

The Council and the Conflict Between Two Hermeneutics, Benedict XVI

Receiving, Stewarding, Advancing, Yves Congar

The Dead Also Have the Right to Vote, Gilbert K. Chesterton

A Hard Encounter With his Roots

Words Come to Life if a True Teacher Teaches Them, Taha Hussein




"We Live the Koran in an Open Society, Europe Should Dialogue With Us", Mustapha Ceric




The Amazing Secrets of Kerala, Luca Fiore

Oaths and Dissidents, Thomas Koonammakkal




A Special Flowering from Very Ancient Roots, Salim Sayegh

The Afghanistan of Tribes: Trying to Solve the Puzzle, Gian Micalessin

Fifteen Years to Go to the 'Transformed World', Marco Bardazzi

The Man Who Changed Our Way of Looking at Islam, Jean-Jacques Pérennès

That Question that Founds the Human Being, Giuseppe Scattolin




Religions Compared According to Reason, Paolo Terenzi

The Eight Pillars of Tradition, Alberto Peratoner

Alliance or Contract, Hope or Fear, Andrea Pin

To Come Closer, Learn the Differences, Roberto Fontolan

A Vocation Called Algeria, Maria d'Agostino

When Islam Started its Theology, Martino Diez

A Thought for the Afterlife From, Michele Brignone

Nostalgia for Caliphs and Lost Unity, Michele Brignone

Celestial Appointment in Jerusalem, Henri Hude

Searching for Someone to Run With in a World that is Hell and Heaven, Emma Neri




Jerusalem, Moments of Life, Martino Diez




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