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Islam at the Crossroads. Tradition, Reform and Jihad

The current crisis has grown out of a long century of renewal and closure. Lessons from the past and today’s debate

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The Long Century of Islam, Martino Diez




How ‘Abduh’s Caftan brought forth today’s Islamic Ideologies, Sherif Younis

The Ways of Reform in South Asia, Aminah Mohammad-Arif

The Changing Face of Wahhabism, Hamadi Redissi

Something New from Tehran, Forough Jahanbakhsh

A Dispute over the Good for Women. And who decides it, Hassan Rachik

Reason Between Breastfeeding and Weaning, Wael Farouq

In Search of a Reformer for Islam, Michele Brignone

Armageddon in Islam: the Black Flags of Isis, David Cook

An Unstoppable March towards De-Civilization?, Hamit Bozarslan




In Praise of Doubt, When Necessary

Those Who Thirst for God Abandon Themselves to Him, Louis Gardet




Free, Therefore Intolerable. Away With the Christians in Iraq!, Maria Laura Conte




The Chimera of a State for the Qur’an, Martino Diez

Antagonism Between Islamists and Non-Secular State, Michele Brignone

The Saudi Dynasty: in the End It Has Always Won, Chiara Pellegrino

Sparks Between the Religious and Secular Modernity, Paolo Monti

Redemption of the Syriac Memory, Paolo Maggiolini

Fear’s Colours, Emma Neri



Year 11 N.21 June 2015


Maria Laura Conte

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Martino Diez 

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