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Immigration and integration have been crucial issues during the electoral campaign that led to the victory of Donald Trump in America. They will also define the electoral debate in several European countries. Can Europe offer an alternative? The last conference of our 2016 research project, “Not an Era of Change, but a Change of Era”, realized with the support of the Fondazione Cariplo, will take place Wednesday, November 23 At 6.30pm Cripta Aula Magna, Catholic University of Milan Participants: Dean Franco Anelli, Dean of the Catholic University of Milan Imam Tareq Oubrou, Imam of the mosque of Bordeaux MP Khalid Chaouki, Member of Parliament of the PD party, coordinator of the “Immigration and Citizenship” inter-group Luciano Fontana, Editor-in-Chief of Corriere della Sera H.Em. Card Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan and president of Oasis Entrance is free upon registration