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Islamism over ISIS: between radicalism and political participation

Tuesday, 2 December, 2014 at 6pm the second public meeting will be held within the project: Knowing hybridization, governing change.



Beheadings, massacres, indiscriminate and heinous actions undertaken by the self-styled Islamic State dominate our newspapers, promoting the resumption of a broad debate within the fundamentalist galaxy. The meeting aims to show the forms assumed by the violent option of some groups and the reactions produced, in different contexts, at the level of states and religious communities and the actual fundamentalist way of thinking, often considered far more monolithic and homogeneous than what it really is.



Speakers: Jean-Pierre Filiu, Sciences Po Paris; Sherif Younis, Helwan University, Cairo; Ibrahim Shamseddine, Imam Shamsuddin Foundation for Dialogue, Beirut; Arturo Varvelli, ISPI, Milan.

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