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Muslims, Faith and Freedom

Why this is the real issue for the future. More than terrorism

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A Quest Throughout Islamic History, Oasis




Jesus in the Qur’an and the Third Way between Extremism and Secularism, Mustafa Akyol

God’s Rights vs Human Rights: Islam under Strain, Omero Marongiu-Perria

Muslims and Free Will, Maria De Cillis

Intellectual Freedom and the Study of the Qur’an, Emran El-Badawi

The Paradox of Islamist Democracy, Michele Brignone

Tunisia: between Freedom of Conscience and Defence of the Sacred, Mohamed-Chérif Ferjani

The Eastern Christians’ Role in the Creation of a New Social Space, Salim Daccache

Islamic Monotheism and the Struggle of Opposites, Muhammad Jābir al-Ansārī 




When Islam Discusses Freedom, Martino Diez

The Caliph and the Ascetic, Hasan al-Basrī

God’s Foreknowledge Does Not Constrain Human Action, Theodore Abū Qurrah

Despotism, or the Corruption of the Prophet’s Ideals, ‘Abd al-Rahmān al-Kawākibī 




Tunisia: “We Want to Be Free, But Don’t Call Us an Exception”, Rolla Scolari




“Neither Liberal nor Fundamentalist”, Michele Brignone 

The Crisis of the Sunni Compromise, Martino Diez

The Springs of Nonviolence, Andrea Pin

Between ISIS and the Aga Khan: Islam’s Political Theology, Chiara Pellegrino

Women Looking for Trouble (and Freedom), Emma Neri



Year 13 No. 26 December 2017


Editor-in-chief Rolla Scolari

Scientific Editor Martino Diez

Managing Editor Michele Brignone

Editorial staff Chiara Pellegrino

Editorial Consultants Rifaat Bader Marco Bardazzi Bernardo Cervellera Camille Eid Rafic Greiche Claudio Lurati

Graphic Design and Layout Massimiliano Frangi

English translation Paola Bernardini Catharine de Rienzo


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By Marsilio Editori spa in Venice

First edition: December 2017


This edition of Oasis was realized with the support of Fondazione Cariplo

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