Majority and Minority. The definition of this relationship makes it evident whether the fundamental rights of man in his social and communitarian dimension are being respected

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Power and Ambiguity of Origin, Henri Hude

The Harsh Law of Power Relations, Anthony Lobo

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Let Us Affirm Together the Priority of God, Jean-Paul II

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The Fundamental Decision

The Fact of the Person Jesus, Romano Guardini




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Dubai, St. Mary’s Parish: Diary of Incredible Vitality, Paul Hinder

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What is the “Acceptable Quantity” of Religious Symbolism Allowed in School?, Nikolaus Lobkowicz

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Europe, the Immigrants’ Inheritance, Giovanna Rossi

Voyage in Sufi Mysticism, Claudio Lurati

The Crusades and the Sack of Constantinople, Laurence Paul Hemming

The “Logic” of Fundamentalism, José Andrés Gallego

The Hesitant West and Other Worlds, Emma Neri




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