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Presentation of OASIS 19 at the Rimini Meeting

From Iraq to Libya, passing through Syria, protests against the political situation have also given way to the action of violent groups inspired by Islamist Jihadism. Now, among continuing clashes between militias with boundaries that tend to disappear (like the one between Syria and Iraq) and the proclamation of the Caliphate, is there still a way to stop the cycle of endless violence?


Is violent protest the only way to ask for a reform of the state? Or rather, as evidenced by some cases, should the path of re-generation of the institutions be followed, possible if you put man, also a religious man, centre-stage?



These questions are addressed by the latest issue of Oasis Re-generating institutions, beyond protest and against violence that will be presented Wednesday, 27 August at 7 pm at the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples [Eni Pavilion Literary Cafe A3]



Participants: Wael Farouq, Visiting Professor of Arabic Language at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan; Lorenza Violini, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Milan. Introduction by: Camillo Fornasieri, Director of the Cultural Centre of Milan.