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Regenerating Institutions. Beyond Protest and Against Violence

Both the West and the Muslim world are experiencing a plethora of protest movements. The only path to follow is the path of institutional regeneration

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Generative, therefore Free, Mauro Magatti




The Voice of the Prophets, Benoît Chantre

Used for Power and then Discarded, Georges Fahmi

The Unprecedented Alliance of Taksim Square, Ateş Altınordu

If Europe Forgets Itself: the Root of the Crisis, Sergio Belardinelli

Beyond the Tangles of Civil Society, Michael Jennings

The Price of Imperial Hubris, Riccardo Redaelli

The Return of the Jihad After the Spring, Joas Wagemakers

How Many Competitors for a Caliphate without Frontiers, Cole Bunzel

Appeal to the Shiites: Integrated not Hegemonic, Ibrahim Shamseddine

Does the One God Legitimate Violence?, Pierangelo Sequeri




Reform: The Life of the Journeying People of God, Gabriel Richi Alberti

Four Steps to Become a People, H.H. Pope Francis

Not Another Church, but a Church that is Other, Yves Congar

The Source of Reformism’s Ambiguity, Martino Diez

‘God Brings about What He Intends’, Muhammad Abduh




Although Imperfect and Fragmented the Union Raises the Stakes, Martin Schulz




Trapped in its Past but Resilient, Sarajevo is Alive, Maria Laura Conte




A Discreet Invitation to enter the ‘Secret Garden’, André Miquel




That Irreducible Diversity of Reality, Jean Duchesne

Constitutions and Secularism, a Necessary Nexus?, Andrea Pin

The Ferment of Modern Islamic Discourse, Michele Brignone

The Militants Who Lacerate the Sunni Heart, Chiara Pellegrino

Saudi Female Pluralism, Elena Maestri

The Powerful Banality of Goodness, Emma Neri




Sana’a, the Arab Venice needing Saving, Massimo Khairallah




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