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Religious Freedom, a Right without Frontiers

Freedom to convert is the culminating expression of the freedom of religion and conscience, a decisive terrain of examination

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The Freedom to Convert: the ‘Serious Case’ of Religious Freedom, Angelo Scola




Only a Free Man Can Perform the Duty of Truth, Vincenzo Buonomo

Pharaoh Amenhotep and Dignitatis Humanae, Nikolaus Lobkowicz

On Proselytism and its Too Many Meanings, Gianni Colzani

Good News from Azerbaijan, Roberta Simona

If an Israelite Abandons the Law of the Sinai, David Novak

When the Rationalist School Lost the War, Abderrazak Sayadi

Man Blemishes the Purity of Religions, Khaled Al-Jaber

From Courtesy to Truth, the Signs of a New Season, Maroun Lahham

An Unprecedented Conflict over Freedom of Conscience, Henri Teissier

In the Land of the Koranic Schools the Mark of General Zia, Mehboob Sada

The Attack on Internal and External Pluralism, Franz Magnis-Suseno

Dreams and Nightmares of the Founders and their Children, Joseph R. Wood

Muslims Aligned with America, Scott Alexander




The Foundations of an Inviolable Right of the Person and the Community

Encouraging the United Nations to Rediscover its Lost Role, Celestino Migliore

That Core of Values at the Basis of International Relations, Benedict XVI

Declaration on religious freedom Dignitatis Humanae




The Silent Revolution of the Second Generation, Andrea Pacini

The Troubles of Islamic Studies, Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot

Analysis of a Historic Day and its Unpredictable Developments, Samir Khalil Samir




For True Secularity, One Needs the Doctrine, Paolo Terenzi

Before and After Dignitatis Humanae, Gabriel Richi Alberti

Islamic Lawand the Diversityof the Other, Andrea Pin

Multiculturalism Adieu/1: The Reason, Paolo Terenzi

Multiculturalism Adieu/2: Witness, Roberto Fontolan

Towards Opening the Door of Islam, Martino Diez

That Little Flock of the East, Maurice Borrmans

Arabs in Chicago: Open-Minded and Troubled, Paolo Branca

Hope Travelling in the Contemporary Apocalypse, Emma Neri




North Cyprus, the inventory of a devastation, Charalampos G. Chotzakoglou




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