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Sunni Islam: Malaise and Renewal

The Quest for a New Religious Identity, Navigating Extremism, Internal Conflicts and Political Pressures

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Cover of the biannual journal of the Oasis International Foundation, Year 14, No. 27, July 2018




Updating, Rediscovering, Reinventing: The Three Options for Sunnism - Martino Diez




Sunni Authority’s Legitimate Plurality - Sohaira Z. M. Siddiqui

Sailing in Stormy Waters. Ulama and Revolutions - Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen

Salafism’s Many Faces - Ahmad Wagih

The Brothers: Gnostic Reformers of Islam - Tewfik Aclimandos

Saudi Arabia will Remain Wahhabi - Nabil Mouline

The Middle East at the Time of the Great Sorting-out - Joshua Landis

Does an Iraqi “Sunnistan” Really Exist? - Ibrahim al-Marashi

Lebanon’s Response to Religious Violence - Salim Daccache S.J.




Between Reason and Text - Martino Diez

When Disagreement is Blessed – excerpts by Shāh Walī Allāh




Moroccan Islam: Work in Progress - Michele Brignone




The New Saudi Arabia Under Scrutiny - Chiara Pellegrino

Where the Weakness of the Islamist Projects Lies - Michele Brignone

Afghanistan, the Impossible War - Claudio Fontana

The Other Who Transforms You - Riccardo Paredi

No Woman, no Drive - Emma Neri





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