Work With our Team: Improve your knowledge in the Middle East and Christian-Muslim Relations and Dialogue

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:55:39

Internship in Milan for English speakers [Shutterstock]

The Oasis Foundation is looking for native English-speaking interns. Graduates with a keen interest in Islam, the Middle East, and in issues related to the Christian-Muslim relationship will be welcome. Studies related to the above topics would be a plus.


Interns will complement the Editorial Staff and will support them in editing activities, mainly with English papers. He/She will be asked to revise and correct the use of English in papers, prior publication in the Oasis journal, or on the Oasis website. Interns will also support the Digital Editorial Staff in editing the daily Press Review online. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to participate in the workshops and events organized by the Foundation.


“Overall my two months with the Oasis team and staff has been an educationally as well as socially rewarding experience. I feel as though I have not only been given an inside peak into a culture of Catholic-Muslim interreligious work based in Italy (a place I am very fond of, and interested in), but I have also been able to learn about the political situation in Italy, and specifically Milan through my different discussions with the whole Oasis team.


Something that I learned (which was also something I hoped to take away from the experience) has been the differences in approach to interreligious work/dialogue between Europe and the US. Knowing both the rich religious history that is intertwined with politics (in both the US and Europe), it’s been a big advantage for me to be able to observe the ways in which religion and politics play upon each other in Italy. I feel as though I now have a second case that will inform the ways I think about the relationship with politics and religion in general”


Ailie P., Harvard Divinity School, Boston



To enroll, please send a CV and cover letter to our email address: For any further details and information, do not hesitate to ask.