Freedom and Truth Walk Together

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Year 6, n. 12, December 2010, Freedom and Truth Walk Together Editorial: Education as paideia: a proposal for our time H.Em. Cardinal Angelo Scola Exclusive Contributions: Citizen, Community, State: Towards a Critique of Modern Reason H.Em. Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger After the Season of Isolation, Law and Religion are Once Again Allies John Witte Jr. How much Confusion in the False Struggle between Believers and Non-believers Iain Benson From the Madrasas of the Middle Ages to the Impact of Globalisation Robert W. Hefner When Deformers Occupy Teaching Chairs Hani Fahs Encounter: ‘I have no other goal than to please God and spread His name to every corner of the world’ Fethullan Gülen Reportage: The advance of Anglo-Islam Elisabetta Del Soldato Click here to read the Table of Contents Click here for subscribing to Oasis Journal Click here for purchasing Oasis Journal