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WORKSHOP: Swamped by the media? Educating discriminating readers in the network civilization

Old and new media, information and devices: for a responsible and affordable use. At Expo on 25 June, a workshop reserved for teachers and educators.



25 June, 2015, 10-12: 30am, EXPO, Samsung Pavilion





10:00 am Accreditation and welcome


10.30 am We among the media: a map to avoid getting lost by Alessandro Zaccuri - Correspondent for Avvenire


11:00 am The ISIS case: how to use social media and propaganda for terror by Maria Laura Conte - editorial and communication director, Oasis Foundation


11.30 am The Internet of Things and Big Data: how new technologies can improve the educational environment and open a world of possibilities by Davide Bigoni - Technical Solutions Manager, Samsung Electronics Italia SpA


12:00 am Debate


12:30 pm Closure of the session

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