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Between Immigration and Islam. Europe Rethinks Itself

The Refugees’ Arrival is Transforming the Continent and Creating New Dynamics in the Muslim World

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A Complex Encounter Destined to Change Us, Michele Brignone





Christianity and Europe, between Liquid Secularism and Migrations, Pierangelo Sequeri

The Brain Drain and the Future of Syria, Helen Makkas, Omar S. Dahi

The Sahel, a Forgotten Strategic Frontier, Emilio E. Manfredi

The Economy of Refugee Camps, Kamel Doraï

A Marshall Plan for the Mediterranean? A Premature Idea, Giulio Sapelli

Revitalizing Democracy as a Response to Violence, Brigitte Maréchal

How Islam Became “American”, Amir Hussein

The European Jihadist’s Identikit, Farhad Khosrokhavar

The Molenbeek Effect: the Facts beyond the Myth, Felice Dassetto





Hospitality, a Pillar of Arab and Islamic Ethics, Martino Diez

The Generous Deeds of the Tribal Chief, Texts by Ibn Qutayba

Taking the Other’s Existence Seriously, Claudio Monge op

A Great Human Reality, Texts by Jean Daniélou





The Lost Generation, Rolla Scolari





Migrations, the Speculators of Moral Panicking, Alessandro Zaccuri

Europeans: Irrelevant if Divided, Necessary if United, Andrea Pin

The Evolution of Jihad in Europe, from the 1990s to Today, Chiara Pellegrino

Inside the Super-Muslim’s Psyche, Martino Diez

Reform? Islam is “Already Modern”, Michele Brignone

If the World envies Europe’s Welcoming Attitude, Emma Neri




Year 12 No. 24 December 2016


Rolla Scolari

Scientific Editor
Martino Diez 

Managing Editor
Michele Brignone

Editorial staff
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Editorial Consultants
Rifaat Bader - Marco Bardazzi - Bernardo Cervellera - Camille Eid - Rafic Greiche - Claudio Lurati

Graphic Design and Layout 
Massimiliano Frangi

English translation
Catharine de Rienzo - Costanza Raimondi

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