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The Cross and the Black Flag

What Middle East would it be without any Christians?

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Eastern Christians: Witnesses to Faith, Creators of Culture, Martino Diez




Three Lessons From the Martyrs, Angelo Scola

Arab Christians: Makers of Novelty. With Muslims’ Support, Samir Khalil Samir

Arab Churches, Living Churches. But only if United, Pier Giorgio Gianazza

The Church of the East: Two Thousand Years of Martyrdom and Mission, Louis Sako

Copts at the Crossroads after the Islamist Takeover Bid, Christian Cannuyer

Christians Victims of Sectarian Conflict. And of Themselves, Maria Laura Conte, Martino Diez

Christians, First and Foremost, or Citizens? Both, Equally, Léna Gannagé

Muslims against Christianophobia, Muhammad Sammak

ISIS or The Preferential Option for Terror, Michele Brignone

The Middle East in a Denominational Cage, Hamit Bozarslan




Thinking (and Conversing), Using the Categories of the Other, Martino Diez

The Vizier and the Bishop Face to Face about the Trinity, Elias of Nisibis




Welcome to Mesopotäljie, the Middle-East in Sweden, Maria Laura Conte




Iraq’s Christians: the History of a Tempered Faith, Andrea Pacini

Risks and Reductions in Muslim-Christian Dialogue, Ines Peta

“God has Chosen You:” Plumbing the Jihadists’ Hearts, Maria Laura Conte

From an Imagined East to the Real East, Chiara Pellegrino

There is more to the Arab Mind than Just Islam, Michele Brignone

Cinema remains Silent if Reality surpasses Science Fiction, Emma Neri




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