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Learning Islam

The jihadist threat has refocused attention on the content of religious teaching. How and where Muslims are trained

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Cover of the biannual journal of the Oasis International Foundation, Year 15, No. 29, September 2019




Training Minds, not Policemen, Michele Brignone





A New Generation of Imams in Morocco, Salim Hmimnat


The Reform of Al-Azhar's Textbooks: a Political Issue, Ahmad Wagih


Islam as a School Subject, Ignazio de Francesco


The Divine Reality: Goal of the Sufi Teaching, Alexandre Papas


A Prophetic Method for Educating the Umma, Youssef Mounsif


Past and Present in Shi‘ite Religious Schools, Alessandro Cancian


Islamic Faculties in the Balkans: A Model for Europe?, Enes Karić





It isn’t True Science if it isn’t Open to God, Michele Brignone


The Salvific Power of Knowledge, Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas 


The Umma’s Rebirth Begins in Universities, Ismail al-Faruqi





A Journey in Search of the Madrasa, Baptiste Brodard





The University that Wants to Train an Army of Preachers, Michele Brignone 


Women Seeking “True” Islam, Chiara Pellegrino


The Good Muslim’s Missionary Vocation, Gabriele Maria Masi


The Cave Sura, Symbol of the Sufi Journey, Viviana Schiavo


Fathers Wrestling with their Children’s Mal de Vivre, Emma Neri






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