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The Qur’an and its Custodians

Year 12 No. 23 July 2016

Editor-in-chief Rolla Scolari Scientific Editor Martino Diez Managing Editor Michele Brignone Editorial staff Chiara Pellegrino Editorial Consultants Rifaat Bader - Marco Bardazzi - Bernardo Cervellera - Camille Eid - Rafic Greiche - Claudio Lurati Graphic Design and Layout Massimiliano Frangi English translation Catharine De Rienzo and Associazione Milano Interpreti Oasis is also available in Italian, French and Arabic Cover price: Italy €15,00 [abroad €19,00] Yearly subscription: Italy €25,00 [abroad €35,00] Three-year subscription Italy €65,00 [abroad €85,00] Oasis is also available in pdf and ePub Yearly digital subscription: €14,99 [2 issues] Information on subscriptions and back issues tel. +39 041 53.121.00 / +39 02 by Marsilio Editori spa in Venice First edition: July 2015 This edition of Oasis was realized with the support of Fondazione Cariplo

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