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Education: A Global Question

From Tradition to Education is one short step but one not in the least to be taken for granted

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A manual of life in the age of migrations, Peter Turkson




Between the Generations: Reasons, Crisis, Challenge, Jean-Luis Bruguès

Adaptation or Consisting in: an Anthropological Question, Francesco Botturi

In the Schools of the World Face to Face with Faith, Tony Blair

Immigration: Why it is not Enough ‘Not to be Racist’, Paolo Branca

Good Intentions: so Easy and so Dangerous, Luisa Ribolzi

Learning to Co-exist with a Smiling Islam, Azyumardi Azra

That Patient and Tenacious Sowing over 150 Years, Fouad Twal

In the Footsteps of the Charity of God that Receives every Pain, Maria Laura Conte

An Action beyond Boundaries (Including those of States), Henri Teissier

A Reform Against Violence and the Loss of Meaning, Mustapha Cherif




The Mercy of God, the Heart of all the Catechesis, St. Augustine

From One Generation to Another, a Suffered and Grandiose Passage, Benedict XVI

The Great Shared Journey, Benedict XVI

The True Believer is Saved Through Works not Learning, Abû Hâmid Al-Ghazâlî




‘Catch Us if You Can! I Will Explain to You Why Despite Everything No One Will Manage to Put us Lebanese in a Trap’, Georges Corm




The Army of Immigrants that Go to Mass and Raise up Skyscrapers, Riccardo Piol




For the Small Flock a Possible Mission. Perhaps, Paul Hinder

Pathways of the Female in the Muslim Tradition, Ida Zilio Grandi

The Bank that Cannot Pursue its Own Interest, Ersilia Francesca

Human Rights between Hard Power and Soft Power, Abdullahi Amed an-Na‘im

Iraq. Pain Nourishes the Resistance of the Christians, Gian Micalessin

In the Name of Mary United at Least for a Day, Mohammed Sammak




There is Calvin at the Origin of Modern Law, Andrea Pin

The Hidden Treasures of Christian Arab Art, Mattia Guidetti         

Louis Massignon: Messenger and Researcher, Maurice Borrmans

Models of Islamic Education, Martino Diez

Faith, Cultures and Holy Ignorance, Michele Brignone

The most Beautiful Tale is the Encounter with the Other: an Adventure of Vitality, Struggle and Tenderness, Emma Neri




Discovering Mosques: Centres of Prayer and Forums of Civilisation, Giovanni Curatola




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