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Who Speaks for Muslims?

The West is looking for a single interlocutor, but authority in Islam is decentralized

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In Search of a Leader, Martino Diez




The Qur’an as a Political Programme, Asma Afsaruddin

How the Shi‘ite Clergy Entered Politics, Rainer Brunner

The Sufis’ Soft Power, Souad al-Hakim

Fatwas as a Weapon against Fanaticism, Ridwan Al-Sayyid

Does al-Azhar Speak for All Sunnis?, Michele Brignone

The Unpublished Text on Islam’s Reform, Salah Fadl

Saudi Ulama, Guardians of Change, Raihan Ismail

Muslim Authority meets Europe. And Changes, Abdessamad Belhaj




The Twelve “Keepers” of the Qur’an, Martino Diez

The Imam as Divine Proof, Passages from al-Kulaynī

Theology-Fiction: Prophesying the Umma to Come, Martino Diez

The Erosion of Sharia, Passages by al-Juwaynī




“Unmasking the Peddlers of Illusions about the Afterlife”, Pope Francis




Wanted: a German Islam, Rolla Scolari




The Caliphate’s Metamorphosis, Chiara Pellegrino

The ‘Alawis’ Forgotten Past, Martino Diez

Salafism: the History of a Misunderstanding, Rocio Daga Portillo

If Global Doesn’t Rhyme with Universal, Michele Brignone

The Third Way of the Qur’anic Jesus, Rolla Scolari

If a Comedy Explains More than a Theological Conference Does, Emma Neri




Year 13 No. 25 September 2017


Rolla Scolari

Scientific Editor
Martino Diez 

Managing Editor
Michele Brignone

Editorial staff
Chiara Pellegrino


Editorial Consultants
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Graphic Design and Layout 
Massimiliano Frangi

English translation
Catharine de Rienzo - Costanza Raimondi

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