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Recognising Equality, Respecting Difference, Michele Brignone




An Islamic Way out of Patriarchy, Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Overcoming the secularist-traditionalist polarization, a group of women is promoting women's emancipation and gender equality based on a new understanding of Islam's sacred texts.


Female Islamic Knowledge in Africa: A Forgotten Story, Britta Frede

The contribution made by female Muslim scholars is a neglected axpect of African history. Nevertheless, an analysis of Sufi reformist movements in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries demonstrates the role played by women both in the spread of educational institutions and the consolidation of male religious authority.


Withou Women, You Cannot Understand the Qur'an, Amina Wadud

If its universality is to be honoured, Islam's sacred text has to be interpreted also from a feminine perspective. Without which, it remains prisoner of a patriarchal culture.


The College Where Women Become Better Muslims, Sheikha Safia Shahid

To give new momentum to Islamic knowledge, the Women's Muslim College has been founded in Birmingham. The idea is to provide Muslim women in the United Kingdom with an adequate religious training.


The Different Faces of Islamic Feminism in Europe, Jesper Petersen

In the West, mosques led by women have emerged in significant numbers over the last decade. Re-readings of Islam in a gender perspective are nevertheless also occurring outside these institutions.


Women Preachers at the Service of the Reason of State, Chiara Pellegrino

In Saudi Arabia, some women have exploited sex segregation to assume positions as religious leaders. However, their role remains ambiguous: on the one hand, they guarantee a female presence in the public space; on the other, they are spokespersons for the Wahhabi establishment.


Between Gender Equality and Islam: Feminisms in Morocco, Sara Borrillo

In the Maghrebi kingdom, both the secular and the Islam-based women's rights movements are calling the country's social and religious foundations into question. The monarchy has accepted some of their demands, but only insofar as they serve to reinforce its own stability.


A Woman Amongst the Sheikhs: Bint al-Shāti’s Qur’anic Exegesis, Margherita Picchi

‘Ā’isha ‘Abd al- Rahmān was the first female Muslim to make a name for herself in the field of Qur’anic studies. Whilst she remained tied to traditional positions regarding women’s issues, she made a fundamental contribution to the history of women in the Arab-Islamic world.


The Pioneer of Female Muslim Leaders, Clinton Bennett

Benazir Bhutto's appointment as Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1988 raised much criticism. In response, some female scholars sought to demonstrate that the taboo of female leadership is linked to a male chauvinist interpretation of Islam's sacred texts.




The Mystical Itinerary of a Friend of God, Martino Diez


Amidst the Fire of Divine Love, ‘Ā’isha al-Bā‘ūniyya

A Muslim poetess and mystic describes the journey that leads to complete annihilation in God. This is not the result of a technique or some personal effort, but a grace that the Most High pours out on those He chooses, eliminating any distance between the lover and the Beloved.




Women, Italian, Muslim: A Journey in Rights, Struggles and Spirituality, Sara Manisera

Five women of Islamic faith, each with a different journey and story. They are a new face in an Italian society in transformation. They recount difficulties and misunderstandings but also the achievements of their civic engagement.




An Invitation to Discover the Feminine in God, Viviana Schiavo

Beyond patriarchal readings of Islam: a holistic and critical re-reading of the Qur'an.


The Movements that are Democratising Knowledge, Chiara Pellegrino

Muslim women are increasingly becoming protagonists in Islamic education.


Criticizing Tradition in the Qur’an’s Name, Michele Brignone

The seventeen contentious issues in the relationship between Islam and women.


A Journey into the Female Jihadist Abyss, Maddalena Di Prima

Islamist radicalism from a gender perspective: an analysis and prevention proposal.





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